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Birds and Words
Mug Chasing

Mug Chasing

In addition to chasing birds, I’m always out looking for the perfect cup of coffee. I seem to have found a favorite at Birds and Beans café, and that’s the Nicaraguan Wood Thrush coffee blend. Armed with the coffee, I started chasing the perfect mug.... Read More »

Coyote Crossing Coyote Crossing


A block east of where I stood along this cactus-fringed road tonight, a streetlight cast a yellow inverted cone toward the dirt. I stand well outside the light. A few months shy of 40, before the last millennium ended, I walked a night mile through c... Read More »

View from Elephant Hills
Dispersal Range

In the Field, Finally

The last time I checked in here, the very first field season of my PhD career was just about to officially begin. I was filled with anxiety about my ability to handle the complex logistics involved in setting up a multi-year research project, to desi... Read More »

Reconciliation Ecology
The Corvid Blog
Wild Within
Slow Water Movement
California note 1

California note 1

In the sierra foothills. Typing on my portable electronic device amidst the squeaks and squawks of stellars jays and quail and other birds I didn’t know or had forgotten. It’s cool out, a gentle breeze, but that won’t last. Sitting ... Read More »

Toad In The Hole
Joe Eaton calls “Fowl!” A Review

Joe Eaton calls “Fowl!” A Review

I know it’s a lost cause, but the sloppiness of the publishing industry continues to sadden me. Editing is a lost art, like scrimshaw. Likewise copyreading and factchecking. Latest case in point: Why Did the Chicken Cross the World? The Epic Saga of ... Read More »

Miracle or Mirage?
Where the Mind is Without Fear

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