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Toad In The Hole
Gators in the Cabinet

Gators in the Cabinet

Guest post by Joe Eaton, and thanks again for the use of the hall The headline in last Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle read: “Trump filling Cabinet with ‘swamp’ denizens.” And my first thought was “Albert the Alligator for Secretary of Defense!” Yes... Read More »

Coyote Crossing Coyote Crossing
A taxonomy of heartbreak

A taxonomy of heartbreak

Not all hearts break at the end of a fist. Not all wounds bleed. Some hearts erode a bit at a time. Skin grows calluses with each insult. These hearts grow thin. These hearts weaken a bit with each minor insult, each microaggression or microinsensiti... Read More »

Dispersal Range

No Apology

I was going to tell you about the two magnificent bull elk that passed along the edge of my study site at 1668 m on the east side of the mountain, and how because I was alone, and kneeling, and looking at leaves, I saw them before they saw me. I real... Read More »

Reconciliation Ecology
Birds and Words
Naked Birding

Naked Birding

Beloved Birders! Alas, nothing risqué going on here in middle-aged birder-land at Birds and Words. The title is a slight misnomer, since all it really means is that I went birding yesterday and forgot my binoculars in the car. I could have perhaps go... Read More »

Wild Within
View from Elephant Hills
The Corvid Blog
Slow Water Movement
California note 1

California note 1

In the sierra foothills. Typing on my portable electronic device amidst the squeaks and squawks of stellars jays and quail and other birds I didn’t know or had forgotten. It’s cool out, a gentle breeze, but that won’t last. Sitting ... Read More »

Miracle or Mirage?
Where the Mind is Without Fear

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