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Birds and Words
Coyote Crossing Coyote Crossing
Dispersal Range

In the Field, Finally

The last time I checked in here, the very first field season of my PhD career was just about to officially begin. I was filled with anxiety about my ability to handle the complex logistics involved in setting up a multi-year research project, to desi... Read More »

View from Elephant Hills
A weekend in Lake Tahoe

A weekend in Lake Tahoe

Carved by glaciers, filled by snow melt and cool creeks of clear water, the crystal lake is bluer than the sky itself. Ensconced by a ring of rugged ridges, some softened by blankets of snow, the lake seems separated from the rest of the world. It ga... Read More »

Reconciliation Ecology
The Corvid Blog
Wild Within
Slow Water Movement
California note 1

California note 1

In the sierra foothills. Typing on my portable electronic device amidst the squeaks and squawks of stellars jays and quail and other birds I didn’t know or had forgotten. It’s cool out, a gentle breeze, but that won’t last. Sitting ... Read More »

Toad In The Hole
Miracle or Mirage?
Where the Mind is Without Fear
The 'Not Essential' List
A Good Defense…Is Not Enough

A Good Defense…Is Not Enough

Why are we whispering?  Everybody I speak to privately about this administration’s environmental record is in various stages of shock, disbelief, and anger.  Publicly, the environmental community is prodding the President along as if he is a st... Read More »

Basin and Range Watch
Nevada Part 2

Nevada Part 2

I was going to continue my celebration of Nevada by listing some of the unique and hidden places of the Silver State that I have visited. But then it happened: bulldozers in my own backyard. So Basin & Range Watch has been busy fighting a painful... Read More »

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