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Birds and Words
Balmy February

Balmy February

Beloved birders! It shouldn’t be 15 degrees celsius in mid-February. -15 would have been more like it, but our 2017 new normal is quite different. That said, Toronto finally saw some blue skies and bright sunshine, and I suppose that’s re... Read More »

Slow Water Movement
Coyote Crossing Coyote Crossing
Wild Eyes at La Contenta

Wild Eyes at La Contenta

[I read this this weekend at Desert Stories X.] At 8:15 pm on May 18, 2016, the sky was darkening over Joshua Tree. I was driving across La Contenta Road heading eastbound on Route 62, doing about five under the limit. And then I died. At least I thi... Read More »

Toad In The Hole
Bacon and its Discontents

Bacon and its Discontents

Another guest post by Joe Eaton The Bacon People have finally gone too far. And they’ve done it in a really strange and offensive way. This is not about bacon per se, and I have not turned vegetarian. Bacon has always been one of life’s great consola... Read More »

Dispersal Range

No Apology

I was going to tell you about the two magnificent bull elk that passed along the edge of my study site at 1668 m on the east side of the mountain, and how because I was alone, and kneeling, and looking at leaves, I saw them before they saw me. I real... Read More »

Reconciliation Ecology
Wild Within
View from Elephant Hills
The Corvid Blog
Miracle or Mirage?
Where the Mind is Without Fear

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