About Coyot.es Network

We are:
  • a group of blogs by people who are interested in biodiversity and local landscapes, environmental justice, grassroots activism, nature photography, and other arenas of environmentalism increasingly ignored by the heavily-funded mainstream environmental movement
  • a community of bloggers that selects among possible new additions to the network, aiming for good basic science, conviviality, creative style and diversity
  • a network of activists, essayists, poets, artists and photographers, wonks and dabblers, gray-bearded elders and enthusiastic young folks
  • a built-in community of fellow bloggers who generate traffic, discussion, and ideas for one another.

We're looking for new, talented bloggers who'd like to join us. We approve our new members as a group, with an eye toward diversity in voices, origins, perspectives and subject matter. When you sign on, you get a blog that has incoming sidebar links from every other blog in the network. You become part of a new community of bloggers who help promote your work as you help promote theirs. And all of this helps us advance the causes of the urban, rural and wild landscapes we love and the wild things that live in them.

Interested? You can apply for membership here.