Hello March!

Here at Birds and Words, March is bringing nothing but excitement. First, the delightful, life-saving Red Boots (that was, technically, in February, but the pleasure of their company is only growing, as the days pass) and then, an unexpected Birdfully perfect gift:

Friends of ours moved into a new house and the previous owners left them a few items including this absolutely perfect (yet horrendously odd) beaded clip-on bird! I let out a squeal of delight when I saw the avian creature and our super-awesomely-generous friends immediately gave it to me as a gift! I’m not entirely sure how one can pull off wearing such a marvel, but I’ll definitely try. Alternatively, I suppose I could clip the bird onto one of our furnishings, but it doesn’t exactly match our color scheme, you see. So, right now, Ruby (yes, I’ve named her) is resting next to my computer as I type. My work space has just gotten brighter and happier!

By the way, if anybody can ID Ruby the red birdy creature, I promise a hearty reward (in the form of a thank you card which you wouldn’t want to miss!).

And in other delightful March news, I have an creative nonfiction essay about learning and forgetting Latin forthcoming in the Antioch Review! It should be published later this Spring. I’ll keep you posted.

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