In which I too solve a mystery!

Birdiest of Readers! Ever since reading about the literary mysteries solved by one of my favorite bloggers, Pickle Me This, I’ve wanted to solve one too! And then suddenly, it happened.

Remember I once posted a photo by my birder-photographer friend Benito? Well, it turns out he lost an Ipod this weekend at Rondeau (where I too would have been had the Automotive Gods not conspired against me in the cruelest of ways possible) and a certain Steve found it, posted a comment on my blog (in which he addressed me as Benito, but such errors are bound to happen, and I must admit I was a tiny bit flattered; would that I had B’s photography and bird identification skills!) with his coordinates. I quickly forwarded said message to B, and guess what? Thanks to Birds and Words, the internet, Steve’s googling know-how, B and his Ipod will soon be reunited!

Here’s to retrieved Ipods (great tools for learning birdsongs etc), migratory birds, and solving avian mysteries.

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