Embarrassing a family member, again

Sorry, Allie, but I just really like this photo. (Who knew that my baby sister’s tiny little kid would grow up into the sort of stunning woman that makes grown men stammer?) This shot was taken on some mountain in Germany after some theoretically scary incident that Allison is being coy about.

9 thoughts on “Embarrassing a family member, again

  1. dan

    I’m not going to comment on the stammering part, for fear of stammering.

    But I just have to weigh in as anti-DUKE. Alma-matter of Richard Nixon, Ken Starr and current home to that Republican-fund-raiser-b-ball coach.


    Go UNC.

  2. Allison

    Ah yes, the best criterion by which to judge an institution — which party their basketball coach votes for.  Or the political affiliations of their alumni (you forgot Liddy Dole, by the way).  That definitely reflects what’s going on on campus today.

    Sentences beginning with conjunctions notwithstanding, Duke is a great school and a great place to live.  If it happens to be more heavily conservative than other universities of its caliber (not necessarily majority conservative, mind you), that just means we have to work harder — not that something is inherently flawed about the campus or those of us who live here.


    Also, while you’re antiing Duke, keep in mind that Horowitz hates us because we had the Palestine Solidarity Movement come and speak.  We must be doing something right.


    Right, I’m stepping off my soapbox now — I’m just really, really sick of hearing about how much Duke sucks, ESPECIALLY from Maryland fans.  Oh, how I dislike Maryland fans.

  3. Chris Clarke

    Also, remember to forget that prohibition of initial conjunctions when you graduate. Because it’s only a problem in academic writing. And not even always then. But some people do indulge too often, it’s true. Or they just fail to cast sentences to avoid excessive use of any one literary technique. And that’s a problem no matter what you write.

  4. Allison

    *sigh* ok, I lied, I’m still on the soapbox.  Now I’m just angry about it.

    As for Duke’s alumni, you want to talk alumni?  Harvard turned out Dubya AND Liddy Dole and the Unabomber.  Kissinger, too.  Also, might I remind you that their president thinks girls are innately wired to suck at math and science?  HW Bush went to Yale, as did Dubya again, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, and Pataki (more dangerous than all these because he seems so inoffensive).  Rhee Syngman, the guy who thought South Korea would be better off under a dictatorship, went to Princeton.  You can’t base the quality of a school on their “evil” alumni — everyone goes somewhere before they gain notoriety.


    Goodness gracious me.  I think I’m done now.

  5. Allison

    Teehee.  I have a friend who starts every sentence with “and” — it drives me a wittle bit cwazy.

    Anyway, I AM a nerd, but I never pretended not to have school spirit.  Duke = awesome.  Word.

  6. Ron

    Then again, Joe went to UNC. (Allie, ask yer uncle.) Furthermore, you wouldn’t believe what _he_ starts sentences with.

    But he never ends a sentence with a proposition, at least in public.

  7. Allison

    UNC is ok.  We have mutual respect.  And the alternative to ending sentences with prepositions is:

    “A Texan and a New Yorker are both at a conference.  The Texan ambles over to the New Yorker and asks ‘Hey, where ya from?’


    The New Yorker gazes at him coldly.  ‘I’m FROM a place where we don’t end sentences with prepositions.’


    The Texan ponders this for a moment.  “Ok,’ he responds.  ‘Where ya from, asshole?’”


    (Hi, Ron and Joe) :)