Friday brachiopod blogging!

This is a middle Devonian brachiopod, species undetermined (by me, anyway), collected in western New York shales, in an area with lots of Mucrospirifer and other Spirifer genera.

10 thoughts on “Friday brachiopod blogging!

  1. tost

    I’d guess that would make it, oh, maybe 1400 years old for the biblical literalists among us.

  2. tost

    I don’t intend any disrespect, but that’s not formica in the photo’s background, it’s the Shroud of Turin.

  3. tost

    I’m probably going to hate myself for this, but what exactly is the Turin test? 

    And if it wasn’t the Shroud of Turin, was it some sort of pre-fabricated formica tunic?  Or Belushi’s toga from Animal House?