A beeeyoutiful blog!

Niches is a blog run at sparkleberrysprings.com, which is a native plant seed company in Athens, Georgia. It’s a lovely, lovely blog. The photography alone is worth checking out: spring has come to the southeast!

And I’m glad to see that Iraq War Cost tally: apparently I’m not the only nature blogger who’s been seduced into poliblogging.

(Hey, it’s spring, and all the poliblogs in the swamp are growing legs.)

5 thoughts on “A beeeyoutiful blog!

  1. Wayne

    You’re a very kind fellow Chris Clarke.  Thanks for the words.

    You probably get this poli-itch like I do, and man it’s hard to deny.  The saying about assholes and opinions runs through my mind like a leash and I keep tugging, especially in times like these and at a time like this.  I still haven’t found the happy medium, if there is one, but filling in the cracks comes the closest.


    Still no invertebrates in my bed, but as you say spring has come to Athens.  It’s only a matter of time, and I surely owe a picture.

  2. Frank Capatch

    The Scarab






    While pondering a butterfly, one sunny day well spent.

    I came upon a beetle and golden silk it’s bed.

    It looked to me so egypt, yes egypt it’s symbol, it’s thread.

    Then to me came the wonder, what is this gold and thread?

    But in my gaze it was helpless,

    but move my thoughts, it fell dead!

    I looked in horror, what powers this dead?

    and touched it’s body, it green and it’s lead.

    I see says the seer betwixt the thread,

      Life is held, death is held,… dread

    and I, am the gold, and the silk, and the thread.








    Frank J. Capatch (1975)