Finally, an answer

Over the years, as I’ve traveled the wide world and met all kinds of people, in many different cities and towns along life’s byways, people have long asked me a question — a compelling, wistful question — for which I had no ready answer.

Those days are, thankfully, at an end.

The next time I meet someone in a crowded Wyoming bar, or a Sedona ashram, or out wandering the sterile slopes of the Mojave Desert, and they ask, as has happened so many times before:

“Is there a web page where I can learn more about Paul Tomblin’s personal beliefs and/or principles?”

… I can now clap them on their back and say “Why, yes, in fact, there is!

(Now that I’ve had my little fun at Paul’s expense, go read the page. It’s great.)

2 thoughts on “Finally, an answer

  1. Doris Bennett

    great article Chris would you like me to have uncle Joe weigh that rock for you? just kidding, love your articles, keep it up. aunt Dot