Never get laser hair removal during cold and flu season

The warning in the title of this blog post is courtesy my co-worker Audrey, who offers this dire example of what might happen should the laser operator sneeze.


Poor woman. Hope that didn’t hurt. I guess a laser would cauterize the site of amputation.

7 thoughts on “Never get laser hair removal during cold and flu season

  1. Ann Bartow

    Losing a leg was probably a drag for the women, but jeepers, the man had the top of his head, from the nose up, completely lopped off! All he has left is a brain stem, so I’m thinking he’s running…for office! As a Republican!

  2. Violet Socks

    I think this advertisement is a splendid example of handicap acceptance.  How often do you see an amputee depicted as the pinnacle of sexiness?  Sure, there’s Heather, but that’s different.  I think this is fabulous.

  3. Ron Sullivan

    Somehow I knew Sara would have the definitive comment. Damn. There’s geeks and then there’s ultra-uber-super-goddess geeks.

    Looking at that picture, don’t you want to see the next few seconds of the film? (I’m having a Used-Nurse Black Humor Moment here. And the guy’s the one I’m mostly talking about.)

  4. Ross

    That guy is really rude.  See the way he’s dragging her around.. she must be really damn good at hopping.

    This reminds me; there is nothing so cute, so sad, and yet totally courageous as a one-legged dog.