17 thoughts on “Dogs in Elk

  1. Stephanie

    I don’t know either, but I will say that when I read it last night that story damn near caused, um, stress urinary incontinence. Where did you find it? I can’t remember but we probably followed the same path.

  2. sravana

    OMG… thank you so much for the grin. I sent that link to a handful of friends, so it should be wending it’s way around the intertubes again for a bit.

  3. Paula Helm Murray

    This one always leaves me breathless with laughter.  I’ve owned dogs in a farm setting and had them to the damndest things…

    One time Lady-dog brought home a almost-bone forequarter of a cow… dad went looking and found that a neighbor’s oil-sump (paved overflow basin next to an oil collection site) had a cow that thought the shine in the pit was water, inhaled crude oil and died pretty much in situ.

    And I never welcomed the day the pasture tenants brought the cattle to pasture in the spring… green-dipped great dane, anyone?

    Another funny animal story can be found at:

    or why you shouldn’t put a lot of really yummy food in front of a pet squirrel…

  4. popeyemoon

    Chris That damn near killed me,It kicked my COPD in and,and i felt like i was going to die.LSH!

  5. Nan Mcintyre

    I don’t want to argue with Sarah Z either, but I’ll also dismiss her opinion and wonder why there’s any need to warn other readers off an inventive, literary and humourous tale.

    Don’t be afraid, gentle commenters, there’s no description of blood and guts like there is in the Dog in Elk story, where a large ruminant has been shot and fed to unmanageable carnivores.

    I’m in a good mood, if anyone is interested.

  6. sravana

    FWIW, I found the culmination of the Lawson story to be a bit much, too. However, most of the story was hilarious!

    Buyer beware and all that.

  7. Nan McIntyre

    This has been a welcome lesson, srvana.
    Given that there is right now at least one mainstream report per day of human people getting blown up in one part of the globe or other –and that your government, the war-on-anywhere machine, is doing a lot to contribute to those reported deaths, I can’t get the disconnect that makes a tale that includes dog person death from other times, other manners so cringe-making.
    At least I think I’m consistent because given that our creepy (Australian, for anybody who wants to know) government has coat-tailed yours into dealing out war death to humans, and that I discuss these events online unfettered by worries about offending sesibilities, I would feel a tad hypocritical cringing at a literary dog death description.
    I’m feeling good and not argumentative.  Thought I’d simply share my attitudes in this thread, but I’ll stay out of it, and other threads I think.  It looks like I’m probably wearing the wrong outfit for round here.
    Seeya, nice to have participated   :-)

  8. sravana

    Nan, I can understand your choosing to leave in a huff, but perhaps it’s better to accept that not everyone thinks the same way.

    You are making unjustifiable assertions about me, asserting that I’m not consistent because I didn’t like the end of your story versus discussing the war (or something like that -I didn’t really get where you were going with that bit).

    Your story was posted as being humorous -yet it ends with a messy death. That’s the disconnect for me.

    Concerning the war -what makes you think that the reports of casualties are met with less of a reaction than the story you linked to? War stories aren’t humorous. They are tragic. Why should my politics have anything to do with my reaction to your story? FWIW, I didn’t vote for Bush three times -yes, I live in Texas, make of that what you will.

    I’m glad you’re feeling good, but I’d dispute the “not argumentative” part of it. Me? I’m off to clean my desk.