ScienceBlogs Diaspora RSS feed

[This post has been rewritten to make sense of all the updates.]

Carl Zimmer has started a list of sites where ScienceBloggers who have left due to the ethics violations of their host have landed.

One of the benefits of having all those fine bloggers on the same server was the combined RSS feed, and those bloggers who leave SB no longer have the benefit of being on that feed. So as a convenience for readers who’d like to keep track of those who’ve left, and as a small gesture of support for the Sbexiles, I’ve put together a feed incorporating the new sites Carl listed.

This is the feed address. The page at Yahoo Pipes where you may copy, fork, amend or add to the feed is here.

This is the Feedburner Version.

This is the OPML file. (sources updated July 20, 2010 10:54PM PDT)

Let me know if you know of another diasporating ScienceBlogger whose feed should be concatenated here.

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