Don’t buy Walking With Zeke from Amazon

[Updated: Well, that was fast. Guess we scared ‘em. Amazon Agrees to Collect State Tax in California]

I just posted the below-quoted as a review on the Amazon page for my book Walking With Zeke. If you have a moment to click through and mark it “helpful,” that would be helpful — it makes the review more prominent.

I am the author of this book. I thank everyone for their kind reviews and I ask that if you’re considering a purchase, you buy the book somewhere other than Amazon.

I’ve just removed the Kindle edition of Walking With Zeke from Amazon’s list. This is in response to Amazon’s refusal to pay California sales tax, and their ending of thousands of affiliate relationships in the state. I cannot remove the hard copy edition without interfering with availablity to other retailers, hence this note.

I could not have written Walking With Zeke if not for state-funded programs to protect the environment in which Zeke and I walked, tax-supported parks we frequented, funding support for the animal shelter that introduced him to me, and the basic social services like roads, fire protection, public and veterinary health programs, that made our lives together possible. Amazon refuses to pay its fair share to support those programs and others like them, and so to the extent that I can avoid doing business with them, I will.

This move on my part might cost Amazon all of about ten bucks a year, and me about twice that much. But Amazon stabbed every single Californian in the back this year—especially those of us who were affiliates—and it’s about time I did something about it.

There are many other places where you can buy the book in hard copy, and an ebook format version is available from the iBookstore for you AAPL types. If you absolutely need a non-Apple ebook version, let me know and I’ll see about a PDF format.

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