Monthly Archives: December 2011

Walking With Zeke price adjustment

As it turns out, I’m kind of taking a bath on offering shipping for free when people buy the Zeke book here at the cover price. Once I sat down and did the actual math, I figured out that I make a few cents on each copy that way, not including the gas for the drive to the post office.

So I’ve bumped the price up by five bucks to 22.99 to cover the cost of priority mailing a padded envelope of the correct size, which is—not at all coincidentally—4.95.

Presumably people who buy the book here are mainly interested in supporting writers, because you can get it used online for less, so this is probably a completely wise marketing strategy that won’t deter potential buyers in the slightest.

But if you were planning to buy the book at the previous price of 17.99, you have a bit of time: I’ll keep the price there until I get back from my birthday trip to Tucson, which should be January 6 or so.

Of course it’s worth noting that one Amazon reseller has a used copy in “like new” condition listed at around thirty bucks. So 23 bucks for an “IS new” book, signed by the author, turns out the be a pretty good bargain, all things considered.