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The Wilds of California

The wonderfully talented San Diego-area filmmaker Jim Karnik has an ambitious project in mind: an hour-long film that will introduce viewers to Californian biodiversity in all the varying ecosystems the state has to offer, from coastal tidepools to alpine rock and ice. This trailer is amazing.

Jim’s got an Indiegogo site set up, and as soon as I get my December budget figured out I’m kicking something in. Check it out and see if you want to as well.

Mojave Desert Blog: BrightSource Energy Distorting Reality

Shaun G. deconstructs BrightSource’s latest plea to modify its agreement with the state of California over the Ivanpah solar power plant. In the process, he offers a stunning overlay showing how much of Yosemite Valley the project would fill.

Mojave Desert Blog: BrightSource Energy Distorting Reality.

I guess this is what they call a soft launch

So here’s where Coyote Crossing lives from now on, at I expect to have some news about other blogs by other grassroots enviros and sympatico types at before too long.

Things will be a little buggy around here over the next couple of weeks: I’ve done plenty of WordPress-using but not so much with the WordPress-administrating.

Until we start to get all that ironed out, here’s a bunny.

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