I guess this is what they call a soft launch

So here’s where Coyote Crossing lives from now on, at http://coyot.es/crossing. I expect to have some news about other blogs by other grassroots enviros and sympatico types at coyot.es before too long.

Things will be a little buggy around here over the next couple of weeks: I’ve done plenty of WordPress-using but not so much with the WordPress-administrating.

Until we start to get all that ironed out, here’s a bunny.

2012-09-21 16.18.47

5 thoughts on “I guess this is what they call a soft launch

  1. Karen

    New location bookmarked! You should also make a note over at Pharnygula. I wouldn’t have caught the switch if I weren’t following you on Twitter.

  2. Sherwood Harrington

    Lo and behold, your squirrel enchilada does not have a good tan, you say? That’s always a problem for me, too.

    Interesting thing I just noticed — I use Flagfox on Firefox, which gives me a little flag in the address line telling me what country the server’s located in. For this one, I’m getting an American flag with a popup notation: “Note: Flagfox has determined that this webserver is in the United States, however the address ends in ‘.es’ (Spain). Flagfox locates servers using their IP addresses via an internal database and does not rely on TLD codes such as this. Servers need not be located in the origin nation of the site and thus this is not likely to be an error.”

    And Tuvalu to you, too!