This is what our life was like every day, once


Update: Kenn Kaufmann, whose little finger knows more about birds than I do in my entire body, has this reaction:

“A golden eagle tries to snatch a baby in Montreal,” and the video goes viral. But it’s faked. Golden Eagle is a scarce visitor in the Montreal area, but the bird in the video is not a Golden Eagle, nor anything else that occurs in the wild in North America. This was clearly a setup: using a falconer’s bird, and probably a fake toddler for the distant scene. With all the ignorance about nature that’s out there already, the last thing we need is this kind of stupid garbage.


2 thoughts on “This is what our life was like every day, once

  1. Madhusudan Katti

    I wonder about this video, which is quite remarkable if it truly was a wild Golden Eagle that did this. My friend Tom Langen from upstate NY (not too far from where this was supposedly filmed) was skeptical on facebook, because he said Golden Eagles are relatively rare up there, and tend to be wilder than the ones out here in the west. Would a wild bird turn up in a park and attack a kid? May be. Golden Eagles are certainly capable of carrying off kids, as I’ve seen in other videos on youtube – wild goat kids, not human ones.

    But could this also be some falconer’s trained eagle? The chariots of fire music is kinda weird too…

  2. Chris Clarke Post author

    I wonder too. Heaviest load a golden eagle’s documented to have flown with is 14 pounds, which this kid is certainly well above. But the bird dropped the kid quickly enough that my credulity isn’t strained too far.