A note for readers who get here from FTB/Pharyngula

Howdy! You are welcome. Glad you stopped by. As of this week (late May 2013), there are ten years worth of archives of my writing here, and I encourage you to look around.

For your ease in adapting to this site, I ‘ll list a couple of ways in which this blog is different from FTB and Pharyngula:

  1. I don’t actually do a whole lot of writing about either Atheism or Skepticism here. That’s because I don’t actually really care all that much about either topic. And to tell you the truth, the last couple years have made me even less interested in organized Atheism and Skepticism than I was, which was pretty much nil. I find the fight by some members of the “movements” in question to include progressive values in those “movements” really interesting, but I put “movements” in scare quotes because they won’t actually be movements until four fifths of humanity isn’t deliberately and explicitly excluded by the people who carry weight in those social groups. Until then, they’ll be interest groups that exist primarily to fluff the egos of the members with the most status, and if I wanted to join a group like that I’d join Mensa, which at least has meetings I wouldn’t have to fly to. When I do find myself motivated to write about either topic, usually because conduct by some vacuous jerk offends my progressive sensibilities, I’ll almost certainly do that writing at Pharyngula.
  2. I moderate comments here aggressively. I like spirited discussion, and some of my longest-term, favorite readers’ first comments were made in pointed disagreement to something I wrote.  That said, though most people do understand the difference between spirited discussion and comment vandalism, FTB seems to attract a fair number of people, mainly opponents but some supporters as well, who are happy to be complete jerks in other people’s comment threads. I tolerate jerkishness only barely, and am perfectly content to ban first-time commenters without warning or second chances. Most of you will benefit from this: you’ll be able to have conversations here without trolls, jerks, and vandals derailing them. The less than a tenth of a percent of you who will be subject to jerk control we can do without. If I’m feeling unusually beneficent toward my fellow human beings, I may offer you a public correction and a chance to change course so that you might start to contribute positively. If not, your comment will never make it out of moderation.

Those notes aside, I hope you’ll find stuff you like as you look around.

2 thoughts on “A note for readers who get here from FTB/Pharyngula

  1. Karen

    Chris, this only makes those of us who love you, love you more. Coyote Crossing is always an inspiration.

  2. Leon

    I’m honestly not that into the stuff you post over at Pharyngula, generally. You’d posted something that has been said before but really needed to be said again about the Newtown tragedy. Something you’d said in the comments made me realize that I didn’t know anything about the ‘new guy’, except what you’d posted that you felt fit the theme there. So I clicked over here, and eventually “why ‘Coyote Crossing’. Your poetry is moving. It’s often difficult to read, but it’s, in a way, beautiful.

    I’m here for the poetry. And the Joshua trees.