2 thoughts on “Coyote pups

  1. Karen

    My parents lived across the road from the levee of the San Joaquin River, about 15 miles outside of Tracy, CA. In normal years, the land on the other side of the levee was riparian wilderness, and a mama coyote had made her den there. When I visited my parents, I slept in the guest bedroom nearest the levee, and was entertained by all sorts of coyote calls. Especially in the summer, there was the “Mama’s come home!” calls. Later in the year there were “Oooh, Mama’s brought food!” calls. I really enjoyed going to sleep accompanied by coyotes.

  2. Stephen Gyetko

    You can’t look at something like this without a sense of awe and wonder. Maybe it’s just a personal quirk, probably for the good, that I just don’t get that ‘vibe’ from human kids. It sure kept me from ever wanting to be a father, that’s for sure. At least of human kids. I’ve got my hands full with my two birds, “Skye” and “Gif”, anyway. Great footage, kudos to the BBC for that one. Thanks for posting it, Chris.