Like the Network? I could use your help today.

We seem to have come up against a small denial of service attack: a site in the UK has been loading a particular file once every three seconds for the last few days, which I noticed when our web host sent me a note saying we’d already used up three quarters of our processor bandwidth for the month of July.

I think I’ve got it beaten for now, but it’s very likely the culprits — who seem to object to a couple of feminist-oriented posts here at Coyote Crossing — will end up costing me some cash at the end of the month. Not to mention the lost income from the half day I just spent trying to nail the problem to the wall.

I pay to host this site out of pocket. That’s not a long-term plan: we’re going to be looking at ways to have the site pay for itself, and hopefully even remunerate our bloggers. But for now, I’m bankrolling our network’s costs, because it’s important to me to promote good writing and discussion on biodiversity issues.

It generally costs less than I mind, but this hack attack may cut into actual living expenses.

If you’ve appreciated having the Network here, or if you’ve appreciated my writing on feminist issues when I do it, or both: I could use a bit of cash to cushion the effects of this attack. The PayPal “donate” button in the right sidebar here will do the trick. You don’t need a PayPal account to help out: just a credit card.

Thank you.

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