Studying desert kit foxes with drones

On Sunday evening I had a Google Hangout conversation with the Desert Kit Fox Project‘s Dipika Kadaba live from her team’s field work area out in the desert. The crew are using light drones to survey kit fox burrows in the desert, and the video embedded below includes a night-time launch with an infrared camera.

As I’ve mentioned in a few places the Desert Kit Fox Project is trying to crowdfund, and they’ve come up shorter than they’d like. There are four days left in the project’s Indiegogo campaign: consider tossing them a few bucks.


The interview went remarkably well, in part because Dipika made it easy. I’m thinking I might do some more.

One thought on “Studying desert kit foxes with drones

  1. Desert canary

    I worked with the Catalina Conservancy back in the 1980s trying to conserve the Island Kit Fox. After Bald Eagles diminished, Golden Eagles moved in and started chasing and eating the little foxes. They were few then, but now that the Bald Eagles are back they have chased the Golden Eagles off and the Kit fox has bounced back a little. Sometimes the Goldens would chase the little foxes into cactus spines blinding the poor little foxes. Foxes are special to me.