10 thoughts on “Editorial graphic du jour

  1. Florian

    Bearing your warning in mind, everyone wanted Zimmerman to go to trial, and he went to trial. No one knows exactly happened the night Trayvon died. I accept the jury’s verdict.

  2. J Johnson

    What we know: an unarmed teenager was shot by a man who had been advised to wait in his car by 911.

  3. Desert canary

    We also know; one man was sitting on top of the other beating him in the face with his fists and bashing his head on the sidewalk if we care for facts. It was not 911 it was not an emergency call. Teens can kill, too and we do have the right to resist such violence regardless of the events leading up to it.

  4. Desert canary

    I agree. If Martin had the gun and Zimmerman had been beating him in the face then Martin had right to use it. That being said, it is probable that Martin would have been convicted in that situation due to the fact that so much violence and crime is attributed to the black community.

  5. Desert canary

    Wow, bearing in mind that Chris does not allow responses that he disagrees with or with other folks opinions, and that I gave him money, I’m really disappointed about the whole thing.

  6. Florian

    I’m rather disappointed with banning opposing viewpoints as well. Chris, friend, perhaps you should just disable comments on this post.

  7. Desert canary

    Maybe Chris ain’t as bad as he says he is? I sure hope not! I like his opinions usually and always support his right to speak them! (:<)

  8. Chris Clarke Post author

    Desert canary, I’ve refunded your donation. Very sorry to disappoint. And I’m taking Florian’s advice, which I probably should have done in the first place.