This week on the Network

Over on Inyo Own Way, Mike relates with some regret how Owens Valley residents’ mistrust of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power caused them to turn down a conservation easement offer from the gargantuan public utility a decade ago. DWP has certainly given people in the Valley enough reason to mistrust them, but as a result of locals fighting the conservation easement some fine desert habitat is now slated to be paved with one million solar panels.

Jenn has a peeve. It’s kind of a cute peeve, judging by the photos. But every now and then images of tiny fluffy black birds will make their way across the internet with labels explaining that the birds are baby crows. But they are not baby crows, and the mislabeling tweaks Jenn’s sense of scientific accuracy. (I feel her pain: I have a similar peeve.) This week at The Corvid Blog Jenn explains how you can tell those cute fluffy baby black birds from actual baby crows, which are cute in their own special way.

As for me here at Coyote Crossing, I wade into the ugly fray over Danielle N. Lee’s travails with the seamy side of scientific publishing this weekend. It’s just one post down, but here’s a link for your convenience.

There’s plenty of good recent stuff on the Network from earlier this month, too: you can browse all our blogs via the list here.