Interview with Meera Lee Sethi, author of Mountainfit

My friend and Network colleague Meera Lee Sethi, who blogs here at Dispersal Range, wrote and crowd-funded a book called Mountainfit. Self-published at first, it was then picked up by a publisher, CCLaP Publishing, a wing of the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography.

Meera is working on what her publisher calls a “virtual book tour,” which involves a sequence of interviews posted on different blogs. Here’s Coyote Crossing’s, a video chat done with the help of Google+ hangouts.

In the conversation we talk about language and science, about expanding the dimensions of wonder with fact rather than deflating them, and about writers we like. But mainly, we talk about Mountainfit, which is simply a wonderful book about Meera Lee’s sojourn working at a Swedish bird observatory — but it’s about a whole lot more than that besides.

You’ll notice a technical issue that forced me to play cameraman: usually Google+’s hangout feature displays whoever’s talking. It wasn’t working tonight, which was likely the result of my making a settings change without intending to. Anyway, I realized it before we got too far in and coped as best I could. My apologies.

Anyway: here’s our chat. And don’t forget to visit Meera’s joint.

And especially don’t hesitate to check out Mountainfit.