The cracking of knuckles

Well, that’s a bit of a record of sloth for this blog: the year about to end, and until now precisely two posts here all year, the last one in Spring.

KCET sucked the vast majority of the joy out of writing for me. Writing multiple weekly articles for unsustainable wages and driven by maximizing page views will do that. It has been sheer delight simply to not write for the last 18 months. There have been a few exceptions here and there, such as a piece on Joshua trees written for my pal Kim Stringfellow published here, and some stuff for a great local arts magazine called Luna Arcana. I’ve written a few things for work,which go out into the world without my name attached, and then there’s my sporadic email newsletter.

But mostly no writing. At least no daily deadlines. It’s been amazing.

But, enough. It’s time to put some words together. I’d call it a resolution, but I’ve always been lousy at keeping those.

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