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I get comments

This was just submitted in response to my KCET piece calling for a ban on bobcat trapping in California. Offered for your enjoyment. And hey, why not comment yourself?

Chris Clarke is an idiot, Bob Cats are a varmint species like coyote that quickly over populate and become an extreme issue with land owners that have pets or raise food animals or livestock. They are a completely renewable resource and are not threatened or endangered at all. In fact some locations the populations are so numerous there is a bounty for their capture and removal. Let the fish and wildlife agency manage these as they are not some unscientific emotional these are cute critters ideology.

Healthy salmon mark San Joaquin revival

Over a decade ago I stood at the Hills Ferry barrier mentioned in this article, confluence of the Merced and San Joaquin rivers, and wondered if the salmon would come back in my lifetime.

I still wonder, but this is good news.

Healthy salmon mark San Joaquin revival – SFGate.