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International Roma Day

Via the Theriomorph, CRN finds from Devious Diva that it’s International Roma Day, in which, according to the European Roma Information Office,

…we unite with Roma communities around the world in celebrating the Roma culture and remembering the long fight of Roma for their recognition.

But the history of European Roma is not only one of their fight against racism and social exclusion. It is also a history of the development and consolidation of a non-territorial nation in Europe. Over the centuries, Roma language, tradition and culture have not only become a part but have enriched the European culture. Here, the resistance of Roma against the Nazi and other authoritarian regimes as contribution to the development and consolidation of peace and democracy in the European Union should be acknowledged.

Here’s some Taraf de Haidouks to mark the day, in a cut from Latcho Drom. And I’ve said so before, but will again: check out la Diva’s Roma Series if you want to learn more. It’s important writing.

A bit of palate cleansing

For your perusal: an historical document pertaining to some of what is good and wholesome in American culture.

And one more, because we can.

More evidence for my contention that Billy Zoom is a replicant. Or maybe that’s my friend Matthew’s contention. It’s been 25 years, and I don’t remember.