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I guess this is what they call a soft launch

So here’s where Coyote Crossing lives from now on, at http://coyot.es/crossing. I expect to have some news about other blogs by other grassroots enviros and sympatico types at coyot.es before too long.

Things will be a little buggy around here over the next couple of weeks: I’ve done plenty of WordPress-using but not so much with the WordPress-administrating.

Until we start to get all that ironed out, here’s a bunny.

2012-09-21 16.18.47

Going through the photos

zephyr cove 4 detail.jpg

Delight like this was a Zeke expression I didn’t often capture on film, as he usually got kinda annoyed with the camera. But his girlfriend Spirit, on left, was a force to be reckoned with. And there was SNOW.

Going through boxes of photos before the move: pulled out some arguably meaningful shots and put them on Flickr.