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Red Rock Sepia


Red Rock Canyon State Park, California, January 1 2010

I’m sifting through photos to find good candidates for the 2011 Calendar — “Desert Skies” being the theme — and I’m not using this one, because the highlights are just too blown out. But I loved the sepia quality of the landscape, so I thought I’d share.

Thrillcraft: The threat of motorized recreation

Via Terry Weiner of the Desert Protective Council, this short documentary by George Wuerthner on the threat to our public lands of dirtbikes, off-trail 4X4s, jetskis, quads, dune buggies, and other expensive playthings of the lazy elite. The documentary serves as promotion for Wuerthner’s book of the same name.

(NB: Late in the documentary is a short but unnecessary reference to the “obesity crisis” in the US, a false note and beside the point. Able-bodied skinny people need to haul their lazy asses out of the driver’s seat too.)