Money For MeadoWatch!

Phenology is the study of the timing of recurring events (phenomena) in nature. Etymonline tells me the word comes from Latin phaeno; Greek phainen: “to bring to light, cause to appear, show”. Or even older, the Proto-Indo-European root bhā—”to shine.”

It’s been five months since I’ve written here—written at all, besides grant proposals and meeting minutes and terrible code. I feel like a visitor in my own country. But here I am, squinting in the unfamiliar sun, to bring something I love to light.

One of the things we study in my lab is the phenology of wildflower reproduction. We ask how climate affects when high mountain plants bud, bloom, fruit, and set seed, and try to figure out what these relationships will mean for this community as the world warms. For the past 5 years we’ve been doing this with a small but mighty army of volunteers who help us collect data through a citizen science project called MeadoWatch. MeadoWatch used to be funded by a grant, but that money has run out and this year we are turning to crowdfunding to raise enough to keep the program running.

[vimeo 258301698 w=640 h=360]After you’ve watched the video, click here to visit our project page. If you love mountains, flowers, or citizen science, or if you are concerned about climate change, please consider supporting us if you can and sharing the project link with your networks if you can’t. Thank you so much!

Fun fact: This is the second crowdfunding video I’ve made. If you’d like a glimpse of Meera of 2011, lost in my life and swirling with hope and fear and on the cusp of discovering what I actually wanted to do—you can watch the first video here. (You can also watch it if you want to see what I looked like with long hair. :))

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