Owens Valley contains layers of geomorphology, aquifers and human history. Each of these is interconnected. One affects all others. Still.

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  1. Karen

    Owens valley is also a hotbed of geology. Some of it is fairly well understood, especially in the mountains east of the valley; as you go up Mazourka Canyon, the rocks tell many tales. Other places are more discreet in their tale-telling; there’s a fold up Vaughn Gulch that defies hypotheses. Further south are the Talc City Hills, where limestone and dolomite make racing stripes on the hills. My emeritus paleontology/stratigraphy instructor, now getting close to 80 years old, still makes an annual pilgrimage to the Alabama Hills with a co-author trying to puzzle out some geologic relationships that have bothered them for years.

    The next time you come across a couple of vans or carrryalls and a flock of young people, don’t dismiss them; they’re learning the geology lessons of a lifetime, courtesy of the rocks around Owens Valley.

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