LADWP Owens Valley Solar ‘Ranch’ – with horses?


Clay slick and Inyo Mountains Wilderness.

This relatively undisturbed desert habitat in our Owens Valley is scheduled to be covered with one million solar panels. A small loss in the larger picture, but a sad total loss for those two square miles. Inyo County’s comments from their previous Board of Supervisors suggested building a viewing platform for visitors? You might as well be viewing headstones.


Rose Springs corner notched point

In 2004 a proposed conservation easement on LADWP lands in Inyo and Mono counties was opposed by most Owens Valley residents and eventual the LA City Council. Los Angeles repeatedly referred to the land as ‘assets’ and the locals saw a DWP conspiracy in every shadow. If there had been a conservation easement accepted there would be no solar project proposal today. Mary Austin summed it up when she left the valley over 100 years ago, “These people don’t have enough sense to save themselves.”


Vegetated aeolian dunes resting on ancient Owens Lake bed.



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    I’m not entirely sure how democracy supposedly operates in this country any more, never mind enlightenment and science, when these are entirely avoided and ignored by the PTB.

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