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Patrick Donnelly-Shores is an itinerant outdoorsman, a writer and dreamer, and an endlessly curious, if reluctant, student, who currently hangs his hat in Berkeley, California.

Born in New York, raised in Connecticut and formed in New Jersey, he struck out from the East Coast at age 20 with a dog-eared, footnoted copy of Kerouac in his pocket, and all of his possessions (mostly just camping gear and Grateful Dead tapes) in the trunk of his ’91 LeBaron convertible.  For the next half-dozen odd years, he worked leading young people in the outdoors for a variety of environmental non-profits, including the Student Conservation Association and the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Based in Joshua Tree, CA for most of that time, the desert shaped and permeated his worldview, his values, and his psyche.  While life circumstances dictated a move to Berkeley, to finally get a formal education, every moment spent away from his beloved California desert is only spent away in body: his spirit has never quite left those desolate, forgotten places like the Blue Cut, Coffin Spring, Scanlan Gulch, or Calumet Mountain.

As a Haas Scholars Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, he focused on the policy and politics of renewable energy.  This led to papers and presentations examining the long trajectory of centralization in electric-power generation; an examination of BLM’s compliance (or lack thereof) with the National Environmental Policy Act with regards to utility-scale solar energy environmental impact statements; and finally this summer’s project: a comparative analysis of U.S. and Spanish utility-scale solar policy.  Patrick blogged about renewable energy policy for the UC Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative (BERC) (a full archive of posts is available here), and was the editor-in-chief of the blog for one year. He also occasionally writes for Green Tech Media (archive here).

Patrick is now the Executive Director of the Amargosa Conservancy, a small non-profit in Shoshone, California which advocates for the land, water, and beauty of the Amargosa Region of the California desert. He and his little dog Kelso live in the tiny town of Shoshone, and love exploring the amazing desert right outside their back door. Email him: patrick@amargosaconservancy.org.

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