Thinking outside the Fox?!

Has the tide of public opinion—and, perhaps more importantly, that of the opinion makers in the media—on global warming really turned here in the US in the last couple of months? Are we really past the “debate” frame and into the “what can we do about it” frame now? One has to wonder, when its not just Oprah talking about it, and ABC News covering No Impact Man (whom you may remember from this post here), but when even Rupert Murdoch launches an effort to green News Corp.’s operations and programming!

So is FOX news really going to go green? Are we going to see them stop providing a “far and balanced” platform for deniers and industry shills such as Steve “Junkman” Malloy? What about Hannity and his rants against the “liberal global-warming hysterical people“? Will FOX actually start covering science in a responsible manner, leaving aside their usual political bias? Perhaps, but don’t hold your breath just yet. It appears that at least some of the initial impetus for the greening of Murdoch comes from good-old-fashioned bottom-line concerns:

“Our advertisers are asking us for ways to reach audiences on this issue,” Murdoch said. He also argued that the new climate strategy would reduce energy costs, help the company recruit top talent, and provide “a chance to deepen our relationships with our viewers, readers, and web users.”

Well, what do you know – the public can apparently still lead these media “leaders” in the right direction! Create enough of a groundswell of public opinion, enough of a “market perception” and the money will want to (at least appear to) go towards green solutions. That’s encouraging, I suppose. So if you want to push Murdoch to really put his money where is mouth is, tell him to stop providing a platform for junk science, and start covering science in a truly fair way, without any fake “balance”. Consider signing this petition (even though I generally don’t like email petitions – but that’s another topic), and keep your eye on this fox as it now apparently wants to guard the hen house.

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