Is the SREL’s fate sealed now?

Looks that way according to breaking news this weekend. Here’s an excerpt from this latest action alert, although I’m not sure how much is actionable at this point:

The future of SREL is uncertain no longer. In a 15 June 2007 letter from UGA President Adams to DOE Secretary Bodman, Adams has committed to closing SREL within about one year. Approximately 40 SREL employees will be terminated effective 30 June. Six UGA-tenured faculty will have their appointments transferred to the Athens campus. The few employees who remain at SREL will work toward completing outstanding commitments on the Lab’s 40+ active external grants, and then will close the facility.

Adams’ letter states that SREL employees have been notified about the terminations, but in fact NO SREL personnel have received any information about whether they are included on the list of those to be terminated. It’s hard to understand how an organization can treat dedicated employees in such a manner–to have them learn that they may be losing their jobs by reading it in the newspaper. It will be Monday or later before SREL personnel know if they are to be terminated or whether their jobs will be saved for the time being.

You can read the rest of the alert and follow the links therein to see if there is any action you can / want to take.

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