NPR : Author Finds Migrating Animals Have ‘No Way Home’

While spending some quality time with a sink-full of dishes this past weekend, I caught up, as has become my custom, with some time-shifted radio – aka podcasts of various shows (NPR being a prominent source). And I was pleasantly surprised to find, on the December 5, 2007 edition of Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviewing the Princeton ecologist and well-known birder David Wilcove, who has a new book out that I also had somehow not heard of: No Way Home – The Decline of the World’s Great Animal Migrations (now on my wish list, of course). Wonderful interview, which you can listen to via NPR online (realaudio), download the podcast on iTunes if you are quick (itunes usually has the last 10 shows), or listen below the fold. Enjoy!

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