Ghosts of Martian rivers past


A color-enhanced image of the delta in Jezero Crater, which once held a lake. Researchers led by CRISM team member and Brown graduate student Bethany Ehlmann report that ancient rivers ferried clay-like minerals (shown in green) into the lake, forming the delta. Clays tend to trap and preserve organic matter, making the delta a good place to look for signs of ancient life.

Image credit: NASA/JPL/JHUAPL/MSSS/Brown University.

The colors may be false in this image, but the fact seems to be that once upon a time Mars had flowing rivers (carrying martian silt) and lakes with diverse local environments potentially capable of supporting some form of life!! Read the rest of the story behind this fascinating image at NASA’s website.

Meanwhile, the European Space Agency’s orbiter, the Mars Express craft, may have found traces of Ammonia in the Martian atmosphere, potentially indicating life on Mars too!

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