How about some “Braised enterovirus” to round off your meal?

I hear it goes well with “Fuck a Cuttlefish zhai” (know someone who might like that one?)! Or perhaps you want to try “Fuck a Fish Head” instead?

No, I’m not offering these lovely dishes to or directing the 4-letter word against those upset over some of my recent writings on this blog. Well, I might offer them the food (peace offer) if it facilitates dialog, come to think of it.

As for the 4-letter words, they come courtesy of some peculiar mistranslations on Chinese restaurant menus owing to the linguistic tangles we all get ourselves into these days:


The Language Log and Effect Measure have the rest of this appetizing story of what can be gained and lost in translation. Now how would that menu sound if Chinese take-out places were to outsource their order-taking phone to India, I wonder?

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