Are Prius owners like Mac owners? – a casual friday survey

mac_mini_prius.jpgAs a long-time Mac owner and wannabe Prius owner (as soon as I can afford it!), also in the pinko-green part of the political spectrum, I have to point to this casual friday survey put together by Dave Munger over at Cognitive Daily:


Perhaps there is something to this stereotype, and Casual Friday may be just the time to find out. I’ve created a brief survey that asks you a few questions about your car, your computer, and your attitudes. If enough of you respond, perhaps we’ll be able to (non-scientifically) settle the question once and for all! Click Here to participate. As usual, the survey is brief, with about 20 questions, which should take less than five minutes to answer. You’ll have until Thursday, September 25 to respond. There is no limit on the number of survey respondents. Don’t forget to come back next Friday to see the results! If you like to take surveys you can start taking Surveys for Money here. How about you? What computer and car do you own? Thought about getting a Mac and/or a Prius? Or even build your own combo MacPrius as seen in the above picture?! That sounds like a great combo! And for field work in remote places, I would have to put that combo platter on a larger set of wheels, like this:



Now that’s what we call a case mod, am I right?! A dream vehicle for a smug-n-self-superior pinko-green field biologist! I should put that on my next grant proposal… 🙂


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