On messing with the balance of nature, and American fecundity

A couple of funnies from the newspaper yesterday:


And this one, which brought to mind my first thoughts when I learnt about Sarah Palin’s attitude towards human procreation:

Now you know, I’m not a population-bomb alarmist, but I do have to wonder when the ruling party in the US nominates for vice-president someone who has apparently never heard of, nor taught her teenage daughter about birth control, let alone the whole gamut of women’s reproductive rights. I thought one of the big achievements of feminism, from empowering women in countries like India and Bangladesh, was a decline in birth rates in those “population-bomb” countries. Becoming a grandmother at my age (Palin is but a year older than me), birthing a special-needs child at the same time that one’s teenage daughter gets pregnant – why, that sort of thing, overlapping generations and all, happened only on my grandparents’ generation back home!! Or so I thought!!! Welcome to 21st century America – striding boldly into the past and dragging the rest of the planet down with it!

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