Resurrecting Joe the McCarthy against the impending Communist Manipesto

Are you quaking in your boots yet (all-American made-in-China-ergo-commie boots, no doubt!) at what might befall this freest of free nations next tuesday? No? You better heed Colbert and start licking your possessions:

See? Obama is so far to the left that even god-fearing, Hannity-listening conservatives in Utah would rather vote for Ralph Nader than Obama!! (But they’re running away from McPalin too…)

Still need convincing about the Red Menace? Watch how Obama is being endorsed by even these dangerous radical lefties who somehow outlived Joe the McCarthy:


Go VOTE, my American friends and comrades! I wish I could (really, this time). The whole world wishes we all couldits that important!! And if you follow that last link about how other countries’ peoples would vote if they could – note again that China and Cuba are solidly with Obama! But what the f’s up with Chavez’s Venezuela??

Go VOTE!!!

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