Morning flight of migrating songbirds…

Morning Flight
Originally uploaded by J Gilbert

…captured neatly in these images by Jim Gilbert at Cape May, New Jersey last fall. I really like these unusual images of birds frozen in full flight during fall migration. Cape May is a major stopover point for migrating birds along the Atlantic coast of the US. While I didn’t manage to spend much time there when I was a postdoc at Princeton, I do remember spending some lovely mornings birdwatching in the Princeton woods – a tiny remnant patch of forest that acts like a magnet for so many migrant birds looking for a place to rest and replenish amid ever expanding suburbia. I remember clear cold mornings following a patch of cloudy/rainy weather were the best times to see many migrants in the fall, as they would come down in waves with the cold air from the Arctic on their tails.

Lovely images these!

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