A black bear heads for the beer cooler (like the Indian tiger?)

It seems, according to an official brochure from the Forest Department at India’s Sariska Tiger Reserve, that “The Tiger prefers to hunt large deer specially sambar, chital, nilgai and omnivore COLD BEER.” Really, I’m not making this up:

Could be why the tigers went extinct from Sariska several years ago – maybe they were too drunk to avoid the poachers – and had to be reintroduced! Well, one hopes the replacements stay off the brew and put on their best tigerish behavior this week when environment ministers from SAARC nations come to visit them.

Meanwhile, over in Hayward, Wisconsin, a young black bear (apparently unaware of or undeterred by the tigers’ misadventures) just wandered into a grocery store, and headed straight for the beer cooler in the liquor department:

The sad part is that the bear apparently didn’t even get a drink after all that effort – although it did get the tranquilizers! Was it just cooling off after a long hot walk through suburbia? Looking for a cool place to hibernate? Well, at least this bear didn’t become drunk and disorderly, unlike its cousins, the Indian Sloth Bears, which are well known for their predilection for alcohol from fermenting flowers of the mahua trees in central India!

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