Scientia Pro Publica will be here shortly… but check out Valley Cafe Sci in the meantime!

Just a quick note to say that I am compiling the 18th edition of Scientia Pro Publica as promised… but have been held up with distractions such as grade submissions, grant applications, needy grad students, preparing a paper for presentation at SICB in two weeks, planning Café Scientifique, plus a broken vehicle – some things that kind of took a higher priority. Also something about doing the job I’m paid for rather than all this bloggity-blog-blog blogosity, if you can believe it?!

But, fear not – I am back on this job as I settle into the comfy couch listening to the gentle drumming of rain on the roof as we get doused by another round of winter rains. Enjoying reading the subsmissions, and will have a round up for you by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t got anything special planned for the evening of the first Monday of the new year (that’ll be January 4th), and happen to be in the neighborhood, why not partake of the next event from the Central Valley Café Scientifique, where Paul Mills of the UCSF Fresno Medical Educational Program will talk about the epidemiology of lung cancer in the Central Valley. And we’ll be at a nice new venue, the Peruvian fusion joint Limón in the River Park area of Fresno.

I myself will have to miss it, however, because I will be in Seattle presenting the above mentioned paper at the SICB meeting that week. But do go – the Café is a lot of fun!

Now I better get back to reading those blog submissions…

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