Banglar King Kong rules!!!!… but what’s a loris doing in his kingdom?

A google search for Slender Loris somehow lead me to this improbably fantastic trailer! So did you spot the loris in the midst of the mayhem? What’s it doing there?!

More importantly, perhaps: can we get this special effects laden romantic action extravaganza in 3D please? That’ll knock James Cameroon’s socks off, surely. If the famous Assamese musical theatre adaptation of Titanic (complete with big ship sinking on stage) hasn’t already done so, that is.

6 thoughts on “Banglar King Kong rules!!!!… but what’s a loris doing in his kingdom?

  1. Brian Switek

    Just… wow. With singing and everything…And, not to nitpick, but that little primate was not a slow loris. It was a tarsier, a haplorrhine closely related to anthropoid primates (monkeys and apes).

  2. Madhusudan Katti

    Seems like Slender (not Slow) Loris to me – although the apparent lack of rings around the eyes is odd. But the snout is reminiscent of the slender lorises I’ve seen in southern India. And I thought tarsiers have flatter faces, with wider-set eyes. I’ll have Kaberi (my wife who studied slender lorises for her Ph.D.) look at it when she wakes up in a little bit.

  3. Brian Switek

    See, the nose looks haplorrhine to me, plus the lack of rings around the eyes, color, shape of the face, etc. make me think “tarsier.” I’ll be interested to see what your wife says.

  4. Kaberi Kar Gupta

    To me the base of the ears look more like tarsiers than lorises. I compared close up picture of slender loris nose with the close up from the movie and they look very similar. So Event though tarsiers have haplorhine nose, strcutre of nose (position of nostrils and shape) is very similar to loris nose. It is possible that they got a stock video image of tarisers for the movie.

  5. Madhusudan Katti

    Sounds like we need to get a copy of the whole movie now, to see if they have the big-eyed creature on film for longer than the 2-3 sec in this trialer! And I’m learning more about haplorrhines in the meantime from both of you…

  6. Kaberi Kar Gupta

    I just posted one image of a Slender Loris I had from my study site. See it on my blog for comparison with the frames (c. 1:38-1:40) in the above trailer.

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