Think college has become too expensive in California? Think again.

Here’s an infographic to set you straight! It turns out that California is near the low end (7th) when it comes to how much debt the average student accumulates by the time they get out of college. More than half of California’s students graduate without any debt at all! And within California, the CSU system (of which I am a part) remains among the cheaper options, so our graduates’ average debt is quite likely even lower than the state average (likely making up a bulk of the 52% debt-free CA graduates). Although the CSU system is one of the biggest university systems in the world, try finding any CSU campus on this list, for instance. Given the state’s ongoing fiscal woes, when we’re being squeezed to the point of having to turn scores of students away from our classes, are students willing to pay a little bit more for college education? Especially if it means we can keep those extra class/lab sections open to let them finish their degrees on time? They’ll still come out ahead of graduates from more than half the other United States, no?

See for yourself, and read more on the Mint blog:


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