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Hello Darwin, my old friend…

Fresno Audubon’s Yellowbill – October 2010 edition

Fresno Audubon’s Yellowbill – October 2010 edition


Lovely aerial views of how humans have shaped Britain’s landscapes (desktop tourism!)

Drugged to Death – a report on the struggle to bring back India’s vultures

A very nice, if grim, report indeed, for one broadcast on the idiot box. Refreshingly straightforward in this age of excessive hype even on staid old BBC! Of course, this comes from Al Jazeera.

At least 45 beautiful reasons to vote Yes on Prop 21 to save California’s State Parks

I hope my fellow Californians (those who can vote!) will step up to the plate where our legislators have failed, and vote to pass Proposition 21, which seeks to provide a protected independent source of funding for our State Parks. The California State Park network is an excellent example of good use of the commons in this state, for the benefit of all of us – yet it is one of the first things to get cut whenever the state budget feels a pinch. While I generally don’t like this state’s proposition system much at all (why bother pretending at a representative form of government if every citizen has to vote on important matters of governance? How can people busy in the daily grind of making their own ends meet have the time and resources to make informed decisions on everything?), we’re stuck with it, and this is a good one to get behind come November

Does the Mojave belong to the Desert Tortoise or to Thermal Solar?

I too want those solar panels in my backyard in Fresno, along with knowledge that the Desert Tortoise continues to walk peacefully across the Mojave, its stately pace unperturbed by hasty human “progress”.

Where I’d rather be this Monday…



… not attending another faculty senate meeting, but traipsing through this meadow in full bloom under darkly brooding skies, cooling my heels in the tranquil streams, and catching the occasional cloudburst of the late monsoon!! I wish!

This and other similarly fantastic images come from Kaas, part of the Deccan Plateau in Maharashtra, India, as captured through Ganesh’s lens. Go lose yourself in the gallery, escape from your Monday afternoon blues, imagine a better world…

Here’s another image, a more intimate view of a single flower and a little bug enjoying a walk along its stalk.