So just how many species of life did YOU eat today?

Stephen Hale reckons he ate 53 species in a single day recently over the course of 4 meals! And here’s one way he breaks down the biodiversity he consumed that day:


Here’s another way to visualize the footprint of our daily meals, in terms that should make the locavores sit up and take notice:


The article contains a much more detailed analysis of the biodiversity on Hale’s plate, giving us insight into just how omnivorous we are. With our average modern-day meals drawing upon so many living species from all over the world, shouldn’t we be more concerned about the loss of global biodivesity? Might the way to our biophilic hearts lie through our omnivorous stomachs after all? Or are we simply going to devour all we can while the going is good?

How many species have you eaten today? And what do you know about their status on this planet?

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