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Darwin Days 2011 @ Fresno State

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The Iconoclastic & Plastic Beaks of Finches

That is the topic of next Friday’s Biology Colloquium, which leads into a week of Darwin Days (Feb 7-12) on our campus. Below is a flyer for the colloquium – I will also post details of Darwin Days (including a flyer) here very soon.

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Caught In A Bad Project (by Lady Science)

Something to go GAGA over, eh? Dunno about that Cell paper, but surely this is a contender for a Grammy? Er, I mean Gram-y (-ve/+ve)… [runs away].

Has your mouth gone to the beach today, to take a vacation from meat?

Why don’t we just poke for democracy? You know, instead of waging wars and such…

A deconstruction of the US’ attitude towards democracy:

“… er, so, if two speeches and a social media site is all we needed to spread democracy… er… why did we invade Iraq? Why didn’t we just, I don’t know, poke them?” – Jon Stewart.

Yo XKCD: stop messing with my stereotypes, man!


Relationships in grad school are always… well… complicated!


Gets even more complicated if you add another couple of variables: