Making classical music with young musicians for 60 years!

If you put 100 children ages 6-12 in a room for an hour and a half, you’d expect a fair amount of squirming, right? This is the era of the shortened attention span, after all. Some giggling here, whispering there, one or two sharp rebukes?

Not at rehearsals of the Youth Orchestras of Fresno (YOOF), continues the above nice article in the Fresno Bee, about the concert coming up this Sunday to mark the 60th anniversary of YOOF. As you may know from a previous posting here, my older daughter, Sanzari, has been playing violin with YOOF for a couple of years now. She will be on stage again on Sunday, as part of a much larger group of musicians, mostly young, but also some older alumni creating some unique sounds. Try to be at the Saroyan Theatre in downtown Fresno for the concert if you can (see YOOF website linked above for ticket info).

The two younger groups within YOOF – Youth Chamber and Youth Symphony Orchestras – performed another concert on May 15th. Here are some images I was able to capture of the young kids enjoying making some wonderful music led by their irrepressibly energetic and buoyant conductor Thomas Loewenheim.

I tried to capture the mood with close-ups, sticking to my 300mm telephoto lens for the most part – let me know what you think of the results. Oh, and note that it was Kaberi who posted the images to her Flickr account before I got around to it – so the link will take you to her photostream!

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