So the Iraq war is over, you say? Well… let’s not forget the History of Oil

As my American friends celebrate / breathe a sigh of relief at the announcement today that the US war on Iraq is finally officially over, I can’t help but go back to this brilliant history lesson (which I have posted here before):


So what of the American Plan to Bring Democracy to the Middle East? Well, the war may be officially over, but don’t lose heart, not yet… just have a look at this map, for this is what the “end” of a war looks like now:


Now welcome the weary broken American troops back home from their multiple long stints in Iraq (let’s not think about their Iraqi counterparts); dust them off, patch them up, replenish their ranks, and let’s get them back out there. There is much Democracy yet to be brought to many a thirsty, hungry, desperate (but rich in oil or other resources) corner of this world!

Enjoy the peace, my American friends…


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